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Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers Carrageenan Induced Paw Edema Model. The lambda form does not gel strongly at room temperature and is injectable to induce an inflammatory response. The course of acute inflammation is biphasic. Carrageenan-induced inflammation in the rat paw represents a classical model of edema formation and hyperalgesia, which has been extensively used in the development of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and selective COX-2 inhibitors. The course of acute inflammation is biphasic. First phase starts with the release of histamine, serotonin, and kinins after the injection of phlogistic agent in the first few hours. The second phase is related to the release of prostaglandins like substances in 2-3 hours. Second phase is sensitive to both the clinically useful steroidal and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent.

Animals will be grouped based on body weight and test compounds will be administered prior to carrageenan administration at a designated time depending upon the pharmacokinetics. Paw volume will be measured using plethysmometer before and after sub planter 1% carrageenan injection at regular intervals. Optionally Tissue cytokines will be evaluated using ELISA kits and plasma/tissue compounds levels will be determined for PK/PD studies.

Carrageenan Induced Paw Edema Model

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