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In vitro Biology Services In vitro Biology Services

In vitro Biology Services

In vitro biology services at Aurigene are focused on running standard and highly specialized biochemical and cell based assays and providing expertise to support stand alone or integrated drug discovery programs.

Our in vitro biology team is highly skilled in wide range of therapeutic areas and target classes. De novo assay development for novel target classes or therapeutic indications, as well as assay customization, has added significant value to our Integrated Drug Discovery (IDD) projects. This has also resulted in successful compound progression and clinical candidate nomination.       

Our offerings include screening and profiling services or platforms under different therapeutic areas and target classes. We have experience in target classes like GPCRs, ion channels, proteases, other hydrolytic enzymes, membrane receptors etc. Aurigene focuses and caters to a wide range of therapeutic areas like asthma and COPD, metabolic disorders, inflammation, oncology, immunology, stem cell biology, osteoporosis, angiogenesis, CNS, and pain. We also have experience in epigenetics and protein-protein Interaction targets. At Aurigene, we are continuously adding the services for advanced and emerging drug classes like PROTAC, Oligonucleotide, ADC and mRNA. We offer a complete set of bioassays for PROTAC discovery.

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In vitro assay Development

  • Cell based assays: To understand the correlation of networks in a complex biological system, we can design custom cell-based assays that cater to every stage of drug development. We have a wide range of cell types which in combination with innovative technologies result in assays with improved translational success.
  • Biochemical assays: We have expertise in all standard biochemical assays and ability to customize specialized assays as per the requirements. We established novel biochemical assays without any literature precedence. This includes generation of critical tools and reagents, optimization, validation and screening. More than 50 assays are running at any point of time in various programs (IDD and Standard). For IDD programs, we have capability to support primary assays to drive and support Structure Activity Relationship (SAR). We have capability to undertake Functional, Mechanism of Action (MoA) and target engagement studies at the lead and optimized lead stage. Some biochemical assays are designed as per Structure Based Drug Design (SBDD) tools.
  • Mechanistic assays: Mechanistic assays are an important part of our in vitro service portfolio, as they provide further information about the cellular or molecular mechanism displayed by the study compound. All assays are with fluorescence or luminescence endpoints.
  • Screening: Medium to high throughput screening in different assay platforms, liquid handling platform for 384 well format.
  • Readout platforms: We offer diverse readout platforms such as Luminescence, Fluorescence (FRET, TR-FRET), Fluorescence Polarization (FP), AlphaLISA, AlphaScreen, Absorbance, UV to NIR, Flow cytometry, Western blot, qPCR etc.

In vitro assay Capability Range

  • Functional Assay
    • Cell Viability
    • Apoptosis
    • Invasion
    • Migration
    • Cell Senescence
    • Cell Cycle Analysis
    • Necroptosis Assay
    • Pyroptosis Assay
  • Specialized Assays
    • Target engagement assays via Nano-BRET/ CESTA
    • 3D cells co-culture
    • Spheroid culture
    • Organoid culture
    • Stem cell-derived functional cells – Hepatocytes, Cardiac etc.
  • Immunological Assays
    • Dendritic cell
    • T-cell cytotoxicity
    • Treg – Immune suppression
    • Immune cell profiling
    • Mixed lymphocyte
  • Biomarker Assay
    • Cytokine modulation
    • Target gene expression
    • Phosphorylation of signaling intermediates
    • Cytokine-induced transcription factor phosphorylation

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Complex and specialized assay development

High throughput expression system

Functional, Mechanism of Action (MoA) and Target Engagement Studies

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