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Biotherapeutics Development and Manufacturing Biotherapeutics Development and Manufacturing

Biotherapeutics Development and Manufacturing

Integrated operations at single site with flexibility of capacity for mAb and protein therapeutics.

At Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services, manufacturing of both Drug Substance (DS) and Drug Product (DP) are done on site. Clinical and commercial manufacturing of DS is done at 200L and 1000L scale with the ability to manufacture in stainless steel as well as single use technology. Integrated fill finish line can package the product in vials, PFS and cartridges.    

The manufacturing is supported by in house physiochemical and bio analytical development. The development and manufacturing is supported with utility blocks, warehouse spaces and R and D labs. We are well equipped with WHO-GMP qualified plants. We have GMP approvals from various leading agencies including PIC/S authorities. Our facility is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and high throughput instrumentations like ClonePix, Octet, CEDEX, Maxcyte, Ambr etc.

For Faster Execution of Engineering Batches

We have Non-GMP manufacturing capability in the range of 50L – 200L and GMP manufacturing capability over a wide scale - 50L to 2,000L in single use bioreactors. We offer technological flexibility – Batch, Fed Batch, Perfusion in single use or stainless-steel reactors.

Manufacturing Systems

We provide Integrated approach to Safety and Quality management systems, leveraging a pan- organizational experience.

Aurigene is one stop shop across the product fife cycle – proof of concept to commercial. We can support large scale vaccine manufacturing – 2x1KL per batch run in single use platform.

We are committed to data integrity and reliability based on digital data recording in accordance with GAMP 5 requirements. We follow documentation and report writing to comply with regulatory filing with FDA, PMDA and EMEA. Our development is supported by digital infrastructure.

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Navigating the Surge in Demand for Lipid Nano Carriers: Challenges and Future Perspectives

MAY 16, 2024

Navigating the Surge in Demand for Lipid Nano Carriers: Challenges and Future Perspectives

Authors: Amit Murlidhar Jabgunde, Lead - Lipid Chemistry, Shahadat Ahmed- Associate Vice President, Discovery ChemistryLipids and polymers have long been cornerstone excipients in the pharmaceutical industry, tracing their usage back to early civilizations for the preparation of pills and ointments from natural resources like gums and waxes. Today, approximately ...

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CDMO white paper

Advancement in personalized medicine and how the CRDMO industry is part of the solution

Personalized medicine is transforming the healthcare landscape by customizing treatment plans to individual patients’ unique genetic, clinical and environmental characteristics. These are effective and less invasive treatments for a wide range of conditions. Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CRDMOs) play an important role in enabli...

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Anti-infective drug discovery

Anti-Infective Drug Discovery

Objective & Challenges: Objective was to identify an optimized anti-bacterial lead molecule with in vivo efficacy in relevant infection models an acceptable safety profile, and a patentable series.      Challenge was to develop a more efficacious compound than the reference standard.Study design: Compounds were designed and synth...

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A simple RP-HPLC method development and verification of the Dissolution of Bromelain-A Complex mixture of proteolytic enzymes, in delayed release tablets


Bromelain is a complex natural mixture of proteolytic enzymes derived from pineapple (Ananas cosmosus), which has good therapeutic properties. Bromelain can be found in all tissues of pineapple plants, including the stem, fruit, and leaves. Bromelain plays an important role in the treatment of many diseases such as soft tissue inflammation and edema, deep derma, ...

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