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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Aurigene is committed to provide end-to-end peptide synthesis services, from discovery to manufacturing, with core competencies ranging from simple linear peptides to complex forms.

At Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services, we design strategic approaches to improve druggability by improving bioavailability and ADME parameters. We provide end-to-end solutions from discovery to manufacturing.

Our portfolio of peptides ranges from simple side-chain modification upto 80 amino acids to backbone and side-chain modified peptides and derivatized peptides.

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We offer efficient and environmentally friendly state-of-the-art microwave synthesis. This enables high throughput synthesis of difficult-to-do peptide chemistry (e.g., synthesis of peptides with hindered and N-alkylated amino acids). We are well equipped with peptide synthesizers including CEM automated microwave peptide synthesizer.

Peptide Modification


  • Purity, Mass
  • Salt content (TFA, Acetate etc.)
  • Water content
  • Residual solvent

Analytical Infrastructure and Purification Technologies

  • Flash chromatography
  • Reverse phase purification
  • Ion exchange chromatography
  • Salt exchange technologies
  • Preparative HPLC lyophilizer
  • LC-MS
  • Analytical HPLCs

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Expertise in peptide optimization to improve pharmacological properties

Core competencies ranging from simple linear peptides to complex forms

One-stop solution from Discovery, Development to Manufacturing of Peptides.

Synthesis, scale-up and peptide discovery capabilities

Advanced analytical tools for peptide characterization

Working with major pharmaceutical companies from USA and Europe.

Large manufacturing capabilities in US FDA inspected sites

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JUNE 28, 2022

Neoantigen Specific T cells For Cancer Immunotherapy

Neoantigen specific T cells for cellular cancer immunotherapy An effective anti-tumor immune response in human is marked by presence of T cells reactive against neoantigens. Neoantigens are HLA-bound unique peptides arise from tumor-specific somatic mutations. Neoantigens are highly immunogenic because they are not present in normal tissues and hence...

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Building successful long-term partnerships with CDMOs from early drug discovery through commercialization

Building successful long-term partnerships with CDMOs from early drug discovery through commercialization Maximizing efficiency in drug research, development, and manufacturing is crucial for turning new innovations into therapeutic and financial benefits. Over the past couple of decades, pharmaceutical companies have increasingly turned to contr...

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Technology meets sustainability - How a complex API development process goes green

We are always looking for ways to enhance the sustainability of our products and services. Our team successfully developed a scalable manufacturing process for the API product of one of our Biotech clients using eco-friendly manufacturing technologies. Read the case study to learn more. ...

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Alternate end-game strategies towards Nirmatrelvir synthesis: Defining a continuous flow process for the preparation of an anti-COVID drug


Scalable alternate end-game strategies for the synthesis of the anti-COVID drug molecule Nirmatrelvir (1,PF-07321332) have been described. The first involves a direct synthesis of 1 via amidation of the carboxylic acid 7 (suitably activated as a mixed anhydride with either pivaloyl chloride or T3P) with the ...

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Frequently asked questions

What are the methods for peptide synthesis?

There are three major synthesis routes for peptides, solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), solution/liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS) and hybrid phase peptide synthesis. Hybrid phase peptide synthesis is a combination of solid and liquid peptide synthesis methods.

What is the use of microwave in peptide synthesis?

Microwave assisted peptide synthesis is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly method, it enables high throughput synthesis of difficult to make peptides and reduces cycle times to 4 minutes while minimizing the required amount of solvent by 90%.

How long does peptide synthesis take?

Peptide synthesis depends on the required sequence length, complexity, purity and quantity of the peptide, it usually ranges from few days for a peptide to few weeks depending on these variables.

What methods are used by Aurigene to manufacture peptides?

Aurigene has expertise in development and manufacturing of peptides via solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) and liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS) procedures.

The strategies involved are

  • Convergent solid phase peptide synthesis where to fragments can be made separately and couple to make the final peptide
  • Hybrid phase peptide synthesis which involves the combination of SPPS & LPPS methods. Our laboratories are equipped with manual and automated (CS Bio) peptide synthesizers to support the peptide synthesis as per the requirement.

What is the typical maximum length of a synthesized peptide?

Depending on the requirements, short and longer peptides can be synthesized between 5mer-50mer. SPPS approach is preferable to generate longer peptides Ex: 50 mer (with 50 amino acids).

Which is the best method for synthesizing of a long chain peptide?

Long chain peptides can be preferably synthesized following Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) procedures. Depending on the length and complexity of the peptide convergent or hybrid approaches can be adopted.


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