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Antibody Discovery Services Antibody Discovery Services

Antibody Discovery Services

We offer wide range of technology platforms, screening tiers, fit-for-purpose tool and therapeutics for antibody discovery.

A robust antibody discovery platform is an important core factor that determines the success of a set of drug modalities. The area of antibody discovery has seen tremendous technological advancement, offering pharma companies a wide range of tools to choose from. At Aurigene, we design our antibody discovery programs keeping the therapeutic end point in mind and choose the technology platform accordingly.  

Our team has experience in handling several technology platforms including humanized rodents, B-cell cloning, hybridoma and display libraries. Fit-for-purpose tools and reagent antibodies are generated to meet the program needs.

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Antigen Generation and Immunization strategies

  • RNA, membrane and whole cell immunization
  • Immunization with conjugate antigens
  • Immunization with whole-cell, recombinant cell lines, nano disc and membrane preparations
  • Immunization protocols: standard, RImMS and hybrid
  • Neonatal strategy for better epitope specificity and less immunogenic epitope
  • Strong expertise in anti-idiotypic antibody discovery (blockers/non-blockers with single digit nM/pM affinity) to support PK / ADA assays

Hybridoma and B-Cell Cloning

  • Antigen-specific single B-cell sorting, sequencing / v-gene recovery, sub-cloning / reformatting, expression, screening and monoclonal selection
  • Enriched B cell or target-specific B cell fusion methodologies
  • Highly efficient and optimized fusion (PEG and electrofusion) technologies for generating hybridoma

Screening and Evaluation Strategies

  • Multitier high-throughput screening strategies using flow cytometry, ELISA and octet
  • Analytical SE-HPLC, BIAcore, functional assay and mass spectrometry to support analytics
  • Functional assay and fit-for-purpose assay (IHC, Western blotting etc.) for evaluation

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Single B-cell cloning

Humanized rodent platform

Display platforms (Phage/ Yeast)


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