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Medicinal Chemistry Services

Medicinal Chemistry Services

We provide support to both 'chemistry only' projects and 'fully integrated' medicinal chemistry projects, together with a variety of mix and match programs which our collaborators can choose from our offerings.

Aurigene offer diverse solutions to all your medicinal chemistry research requirements, providing the right blend of innovation, vigour, expertise and thorough knowledge of the various aspects of discovery research. With a very experienced scientific team with a 1:6 PhD to MSc ratio and a leadership team with a collective experience of >200 years, together with our experience in handling complex synthetic chemistry problems and our in-house collection of >50000 chemicals, we are ready to rapidly initiate any chemistry programs from our collaborators. We are well versed in all aspects of medicinal chemistry projects, including novel areas like carbohydrates and steroids, PROTACs and molecular glues, oligonucleotides etc.

With a combination of 600+ highly skilled scientists and a state-of-the-art infrastructure spanned over two sites at Bangalore and Hyderabad, we provide the best-in-class medicinal chemistry services to various biotech, pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies. We offer flexible business models like FFS in addition to the usual FTE mode of collaboration, in addition to offering a variety of mix and match programs like chemistry CRO programs together with DMPK or in vitro Biology programs.

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Heterocyclic Chemistry

  • Synthesis and decoration of C-, N-, O- and S-containing heterocycles
  • Synthesis and derivatizations of fused-heterocyclic systems
  • Saturated heterocyclic systems with C-N, C-O and C-P bonds

Transition Metal-mediated Reactions

  • Pd-, Cu-, Zn- and Ni-mediated C-C, C-N and C-O bond forming reactions, including all types of cross-couplings
  • Metal-mediated C-S, C-P and C-B bond-forming reactions
  • C-H activation chemistry
  • Transition metal-mediated carbonylations
  • Ring closing metathesis, click chemistry etc.

Handling of Gaseous Reagents

  • Experienced in reactions involving gases like H2 , Cl2 , O2 , CO, CO2 , SO3 etc.
  • Ozonolysis reactions
  • Hydrogenation reactions (parr, autoclave, high T & P hydrogenations etc.)

Specialized Synthetic Needs

  • Fluorinations
  • Cyclopropanations
  • Labelled and tagged compounds
  • Synthesis of PAL ligands
  • Cycloaddition reactions

Niche Fields of Interest

  • Photoredox reactions
  • Electro organic reactions
  • Decarboxylative C-C bond-forming reactions
  • PROTACs, ATTECs and molecular glues
  • Carbohydrates and Nucleosides

Difficult-to-handle and Sensitive Reagents

  • Air-sensitive reagents like organolithiums, grignard reagents, organozincs etc.
  • Cyanations using inorganic cyanides
  • Strong reducing reagents like Pd-C, LAH, borane, super-hydrides etc.
  • Synthesis of azides
  • Synthesis of phosphoramidites

Other Value-added Services

  • Design and/or diversification of scaffolds for optimal physicochemical properties (solubility, permeability, ADME properties etc.)
  • Scaffold modification and tuning based on detailed SAR and SPR analysis
  • CADD support together with medicinal chemistry for optimal target design
  • R-CDMO model, where we support all stages of research from R and D to DS-DP

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Multiple design or route options and complete design to delivery support

Capability across wide chemistry platforms

Library synthesis across various platforms

Lab facilities operating from two locations: Hyderabad and Bangalore

Service in all areas of drug discovery and development

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JUNE 28, 2022

Neoantigen Specific T cells For Cancer Immunotherapy

Neoantigen specific T cells for cellular cancer immunotherapy An effective anti-tumor immune response in human is marked by presence of T cells reactive against neoantigens. Neoantigens are HLA-bound unique peptides arise from tumor-specific somatic mutations. Neoantigens are highly immunogenic because they are not present in normal tissues and hence...

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Building successful long-term partnerships with CDMOs from early drug discovery through commercialization

Building successful long-term partnerships with CDMOs from early drug discovery through commercialization Maximizing efficiency in drug research, development, and manufacturing is crucial for turning new innovations into therapeutic and financial benefits. Over the past couple of decades, pharmaceutical companies have increasingly turned to contr...

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Technology meets sustainability - How a complex API development process goes green

We are always looking for ways to enhance the sustainability of our products and services. Our team successfully developed a scalable manufacturing process for the API product of one of our Biotech clients using eco-friendly manufacturing technologies. Read the case study to learn more. ...

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Alternate end-game strategies towards Nirmatrelvir synthesis: Defining a continuous flow process for the preparation of an anti-COVID drug


Scalable alternate end-game strategies for the synthesis of the anti-COVID drug molecule Nirmatrelvir (1,PF-07321332) have been described. The first involves a direct synthesis of 1 via amidation of the carboxylic acid 7 (suitably activated as a mixed anhydride with either pivaloyl chloride or T3P) with the ...

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