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Biotherapeutics Discovery Infrastructure Biotherapeutics Discovery Infrastructure

Biotherapeutics Discovery Infrastructure

High-quality large molecule discovery services supported by cutting-edge facilities with a focus on scientific innovation.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical services is rapidly positioning itself to provide high-quality and high-value large molecule discovery services in traditional and advanced drug modalities. We have capabilities for ‘Target to Preclinical Proof-of-Concept’. We provide wide range of large molecule discovery services from our R and D center in Hyderabad. Our R and D site is US FDA inspected. Our infrastructure is well-equipped with :

BSLII compliant labs Spectrophotometer Flow cytometer Mass Spectrometer (Agilent 6545 Q-TOF))
Analytical HPLC FPLCs (AKTA) SPR-BIAcore T200 Automated western (Simple JESS)
Automated liquid handler (Bravo) Lab scale LNP formulation set-up for mRNA Real-Time PCR (96 and 384 well plate) Gel documentation systems
Benchtop fermenter for yeast and E. coli Static incubators and shakers Multimode plate readers (Victor & Envision) Tape station
Preparatory ultracentrifuge Cell disruptor/French press Independent cell culture suites with microscope, liquid nitrogen storage, biosafety cabinets, static and shaker CO 2 incubators, Centrifuges. 

We adhere to strong data integrity and traceability framework which is embedded in our SOPs and IT systems. We have daily automatic backups for all generated data.

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Why meet us at CPHI Barcelona?

SEPTEMBER 04, 2023

Why meet us at CPHI Barcelona?

Discover the Opportunities: Visit Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services at CPHI BarcelonaThe Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector emerging as it plays a vital role in providing a wide range of services enabling drug companies to bring their products to market efficiently and effectively...

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Advancement in personalized medicine and how the CRDMO industry is part of the solution

Advancement in personalized medicine and how the CRDMO industry is part of the solution

Personalized medicine is transforming the healthcare landscape by customizing treatment plans to individual patients’ unique genetic, clinical and environmental characteristics. These are effective and less invasive treatments for a wide range of conditions. Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CRDMOs) play an important role in enabli...

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Anti-Infective Drug Discovery

Anti-Infective Drug Discovery

Objective & Challenges: Objective was to identify an optimized anti-bacterial lead molecule with in vivo efficacy in relevant infection models an acceptable safety profile, and a patentable series.      Challenge was to develop a more efficacious compound than the reference standard.Study design: Compounds were designed and synth...

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Alternate end-game strategies towards Nirmatrelvir synthesis: Defining a continuous flow process for the preparation of an anti-COVID drug


Scalable alternate end-game strategies for the synthesis of the anti-COVID drug molecule Nirmatrelvir (1,PF-07321332) have been described. The first involves a direct synthesis of 1 via amidation of the carboxylic acid 7 (suitably activated as a mixed anhydride with either pivaloyl chloride or T3P) with the ...

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