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Fill Finish Development and Manufacturing Services Fill Finish Development and Manufacturing Services

Fill Finish Development and Manufacturing Services

Our fill finish capability caters to a wide range of recombinant protein therapeutics.

With over 10,000 Sq.m of fill finish footprint, we can support filling of a wide range of presentations – vials (liquid and lyophilized), pre-filled syringes and autoinjectors. 

Our automated fill finish facility efficiently handles high-accuracy, high-viscosity, low-volume protein filing. End-to-end single-use capability enables for faster change over and assurance of cleaning validation. 

Our integrated approach to quality management systems enables greater flexibility and leverage pan - organization experience in managing regulatory audits.

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Fill Range and Presentation

Fill range is 0.1-100 ml, Vials: 2-100 ml, PFS and auto injector: 0.1-1 ml

Manufacturing Process Flexibility and Formulation

  • Manufacturing process flexibility: peristaltic, rotary piston, end-of-end single-use system, sterile filling
  • Formulation: liquid, lyophilized

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

100+ successful regulatory audits

10+K Sq.m facility footprints

300+ tech operations professionals

Operations supported by digital infrastructure

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“Bathtub Chemistry” - Necessity and Aspects of Process Research

“Bathtub Chemistry” - Necessity and Aspects of Process Research

Medicine is an essential part of our life. Since ancient time human civilization has been tirelessly engaged to understand the cause and effect of a disease. Sometimes they win and many times they lose. But the story of their curiosity and enthusiasm is a never damping process. On the contrary it increases day by day, year after year.Drug discovery is a vast and ...

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Biologics Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing services cater to both GMP and non-GMP manufacturing for pre-clinical development as well as GMP operation to support clinical or commercial needs for any recombinant proteins expressed in suspension mammalian culture or E. coli. ...

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Development of quick quantification method for muscle injury recovery evaluation in thermal injury mice model

Challenges: The evaluation of Evans Blue Dye (EBD) by fluorescence measurements of cryosections of individual muscle sections, and its quantification by auto fluorescence is a laborious and time-consuming process. Study design: Both sham and thermal injury techniques were followed. The evaluation of EBD was done to assess the effectiveness of two compounds in the...

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An efficient and convenient protocol for the synthesis of tetracyclic isoindolo[1,2-a]quinazoline derivatives


A convenient and one-pot synthesis of tetracyclic isoindolo [1,2-a]quinazoline derivatives via Lewis acid mediated sequential C–N bond formation reactions is reported. This protocol provides a simple and rapid strategy for the synthesis of 12-benzylidene-10,12-dihydroisoindolo[1,2-b]quinazoline derivatives. However, a variety of tetracyclo indole fused quinazol...

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