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Cell Therapy Services

We offer an integrated CAR T-cell therapy research and development services ranging from antibody discovery, novel CAR designing, pre-clinical studies to clinical development.

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T (CAR T) are T-cells that are genetically engineered and are used in cell therapy. Our expert team of scientists is committed to provide a wide range of services in CAR T-cell therapy research.

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CAR Designing

  • CAR discovery (scFv / vHH) and screening
  • 2nd / 3rd / 4th generation CARs designing (ScFV /vHH / linkers/co-stimulatory domain testing / safety switches / standard designs)
  • Dual/bi-specific CAR and universal / allogeneic CARs

CAR T Generation

  • Viral vector system (lentivirus/retrovirus)
  • Non-viral system (synthetic mRNA/ transposon)
  • Transduction/transfection of primary T-cells from healthy donors

CAR T Manufacturing Process Optimization

  • Media, cytokines and growth factors screening for ex vivo CAR T-cell manufacturing process optimization

CAR T Characterization

  • CAR detection (% CAR+ T-cells) by flow cytometry
  • Vector copy number (VCN) by ddPCR/ qRT-PCR
  • Immunophenotyping (%CD3+/%CD4+, (%CD3+/%CD8+ CAR-T cells), %TN, %TSCM, %TCM, %TEM and %TE during and after ex vivo CAR-T expansion
  • Activation (CD25) and exhaustion marker (PD-1, LAG-3, TIM3, CTLA-4) analysis

In vitro CAR T Screening

  • CAR-T proliferation (recombinant protein or co-culture (E:T) assay)
  • Cytotoxicity assay /co-culture (different E:T ratio) using target expressing parental or reporter cell lines
  • T-cell activation (CD25) marker analysis
  • T-cell exhaustion marker analysis (PD-1, LAG-3, TIM3, CTLA-4)
  • Inflammatory cytokine profiling (IL-2, IFN-y and TNF-a, CD107 a/b)

In vivo CAR T Efficacy

  • Tumor clearance study in orthotopic systemic NOD-SCID xenograft model (B-cell malignancies)
  • Immunophenotyping of circulation CAR-T cells
  • CAR-T activation, proliferation and persistence assessment by flow cytometry and Vector Copy Number (VCN) analysis
  • Cytokine profiling (IL-2, IFN-y and TNF-a)

Reagent Generation for CAR T

  • Lentivirus, retrovirus, synthetic mRNA, transposon system, KI/KO cell lines and reagent proteins

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CAR discovery

CAR designing and screening

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Neoantigen Specific T cells For Cancer Immunotherapy

JUNE 28, 2022

Neoantigen Specific T cells For Cancer Immunotherapy

An effective anti-tumor immune response in human is marked by presence of T cells reactive against neoantigens. Neoantigens are HLA-bound unique peptides arise from tumor-specific somatic mutations. Neoantigens are highly immunogenic because they are not present in normal tissues and hence bypass central thymic tolerance. The success of immune checkpoint blockade...

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Accelerating Drug Discovery Through Innovative Partnerships

Genomics plays a vital role in identifying which gene is associated with a specific disease. A gene called CNOT1 is for example known for it's effect on brain development and for impairing memory and learning. Despite the great promise genomics provides in understanding the disease, genes are not the best drug targets....

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Physiochemical Characterization Services

Backed by our strong chemistry, we enable “Finger-print” protein structure and functional characterization for proteins from naked proteins to hyperglycosylated or derivatized proteins. ...

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Expediting early development through innovative precision capsule filling technology

Introduction: Any new chemical entity (NCE) needs to undergo various stages of development such as preclinical and clinical trials before drug product is approved by regulatory agencies and available for patient. Formulations developed during early phases are simple formulations to enable phase appropriate studies like screening, dose ranging, toxicological and d...

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An efficient and convenient protocol for the synthesis of tetracyclic isoindolo[1,2-a]quinazoline derivatives


A convenient and one-pot synthesis of tetracyclic isoindolo [1,2-a]quinazoline derivatives via Lewis acid mediated sequential C–N bond formation reactions is reported. This protocol provides a simple and rapid strategy for the synthesis of 12-benzylidene-10,12-dihydroisoindolo[1,2-b]quinazoline derivatives. However, a variety of tetracyclo indole fused quinazol...

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