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Integrated Drug Discovery Services Integrated Drug Discovery Services

Integrated Drug Discovery Services

Aurigene offers integrated, end-to-end discovery services, which includes target  identification, hit validation, hit to lead, lead optimization, preclinical development and IND filing.

A successful IDD program at Aurigene involves the participation of different domains like Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology, CADD, Analytical Chemistry, DMPK, Pharmacology, Safety and Toxicology, Scale-up & Process Development, Intellectual Property Management and Project Management. Amalgamation of 600+ highly skilled scientists in discovery team and state-of-the-art infrastructure at our Hyderabad and Bangalore sites, has resulted in successful delivery of many IND candidates. Our service is not limited to pharma and biotech companies, but also extend to animal health and crop science sectors. 

We are flexible in our approach and offer a variety of business models including FTE & FFS mode of collaboration. In addition to the end-to-end IDD programs, we also offer a variety of “combination” packages to choose from, where our collaborators could select based on their unique requirements. Aurigene provides conducive environment for scientific innovation, which has resulted in several IND filings and a plethora of peer reviewed literature published in journals of international repute. We also bring with us a track record of solving complex challenges, using newer chemical modalities like peptides, PROTACs, lipids and Oligonucleotides.

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Our Range of Services

  • Synthetic Chemistry Services: With the advanced synthetic chemistry methodologies and innovative route designing, we provide milli-gram to multi-gram quantity of high purity compounds to support your research needs across the discovery cycle.
  • Peptide Services: Our dedicated team of experts has a track record of handling peptides ranging from simple linear peptides to complex polypeptide analogues, from milli-gram to multi-gram quantities, for advancing your discovery and developmental research needs.
  • Focused Library Synthesis: We have two decades of vast experience in working with global clients in custom synthesis of scaffolds and their usage in generating small to medium-sized custom libraries of target compounds.
  • PROTACs: Expertise in the synthesis of PROTACs and Molecular Glues for targeted protein degradation, including the development and functionalization of various E3-ligase ligands such as CRBN, VHL, MDM2, and cIAP1.
  • Oligonucleotides: We can synthesize 10-60-mer oligonucleotides up to 1 gram scale. We can perform all standard modifications, with or without backbone modification. We provide in-house capabilities for making any customized phosphoramidites.
  • Computational Chemistry Services: The CADD & Informatics team at Aurigene work in tandem with chemistry and biology teams at every stage of the program. The CADD services facilitate the ideation and design of molecules to support hit identification to IND filing. Our team use various modelling applications and advance methods like de-novo design, ADMET prediction using AI/ML to fasten compound progress.

Mix and Match Programs

  • Chemistry + In vitro Biology Programs
  • Chemistry + CADD Programs
  • Chemistry + DMPK Programs
  • Chemistry + CADD + In vitro Biology programs etc.

IDD Offerings


Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

18 years’ experience in drug discovery

Various customer models

65+ Integrated Drug Discovery projects delivered

Speed: Our average candidate nomination time is 24-28 months

Capabilities to apply multiple modalities

Seamless integration into development stages

Integrated project management

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Neoantigen Specific T cells For Cancer Immunotherapy

Neoantigen Specific T cells For Cancer Immunotherapy

An effective anti-tumor immune response in human is marked by presence of T cells reactive against neoantigens. Neoantigens are HLA-bound unique peptides arise from tumor-specific somatic mutations. Neoantigens are highly immunogenic because they are not present in normal tissues and hence bypass central thymic tolerance. The success of immune checkpoint blockade...

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Accelerating Drug Discovery Through Innovative Partnerships

Genomics plays a vital role in identifying which gene is associated with a specific disease. A gene called CNOT1 is for example known for it's effect on brain development and for impairing memory and learning. Despite the great promise genomics provides in understanding the disease, genes are not the best drug targets....

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Physiochemical Characterization Services

Backed by our strong chemistry, we enable “Finger-print” protein structure and functional characterization for proteins from naked proteins to hyperglycosylated or derivatized proteins. ...

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Solid dispersion development to enhance solubility and oral bioavailability for rodent toxicology studies

Background: Develop oral liquid dosage form of an IND candidate (small molecule) suitable for chronic toxicology studies in rats. Must meet required systemic exposure and shall be dose proportional. Developed vehicle or used excipients shall be safe for chronic preclinical toxicology studies. Challenges: Low oral bioavailability Practically insoluble in bio relev...

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Construction of a six-membered fused N-heterocyclic ring via a new 3-component reaction: synthesis of (pyrazolo)pyrimidines/pyridinesw


A conceptually new three-component reaction was developed to construct a six-membered fused N-heterocyclic ring affording (pyrazolo)pyrimidines/pyridines as potential inhibitors of PDE4. The reaction is catalyzed by triflic acid in acetic acid in the presence of aerial oxygen. ...

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