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Discovery Chemistry Services Discovery Chemistry Services

Discovery Chemistry Services

We offer stand alone and integrated chemistry services for all therapeutic areas spanning different chemical modalities i.e. small molecules, peptides, PROTACs, oligonucleotides, ADC, lipid linkers etc.

At Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services, we offer solutions for all kinds of synthetic chemistry challenges, leveraging our expertise in synthetic chemistry as well as our thorough understanding of various aspects of drug discovery research. With a combination of 600+ highly skilled scientists and a state-of-the-art infrastructure spanned over two sites at Bangalore and Hyderabad, we can support all your synthetic chemistry needs. The team is well-versed in the synthesis of NCEs at all scales, from milligram quantity for a simple primary in vitro Biology and ADME screening needs, to gram scale synthesis for advanced profiling leading to IND filings. 

Our discovery chemistry services encompasses heterocyclic chemistry, focused- libraries, peptides, PROTACs, lipids and oligonucleotides. With 40 modular labs equipped with synthesizers and advanced purification instruments, together with a well-equipped analytical infrastructure, we provide the best-in-class medicinal chemistry services to various biotech, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical companies. We are uniquely poised to be a perfect research partner for all your Drug Discovery needs, with a completely digitalized documentation process and compound management facility, an in-house stock of >50000 chemicals and our expertise in providing secure intellectual property.

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Synthetic Chemistry Services

  • Design-to-Delivery support across various chemistry platforms
  • Milligram-scale to Gram-scale delivery of NCEs
  • Expertise in solving complex chemistry challenges
  • Experienced in parallel catalyst and ligand screening leading to quick resolution of synthetic bottlenecks

Peptide Services

  • One stop solution for end to end (discovery-development-manufacturing) services in peptide space
  • Proven track record of running integrated peptide drug discovery programs
  • Close to two decades of experience in dealing with complex peptide modifications including peptide conjugation
  • Long standing collaboration with leading peptide players

Focused Library Synthesis

  • Experienced in generating small to medium-sized custom libraries
  • In-house collection of building blocks to support custom libraries
  • Parallel purification using Mass-Directed HPLC for high throughput


  • A decade of experience working with PROTACs and molecular glues
  • Analytical team well-versed in the purification of PRTOACs
  • In-house library of Partial PROTACs for quick target engagement


  • Experience in synthesizing 10-60-mer oligonucleotides
  • Synthesis of ASO, Aptamers and Si-RNAs
  • Customized phosphoramidites and post-synthesis modifications

Niche Chemistry Areas

  • Photo-redox and Organo-Electrochemistry
  • C-H activation chemistry
  • C-Si, C-P and C-Se bond-forming reactions
  • Carbohydrates and nucleoside chemistries
  • Steroids and Lipids
  • Labelled compounds and Isotopes

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

90% of talent is PG or above

Integration of chemistry to biology and CDMO

State-of-the art facilities and modern infrastructure

Data driven decision making- CADD, informatics, advanced software platforms

50K+ compound inventory management system

Integrated Services

Co-located Teams

20+ Years of legacy

Target identification to commercial manufacturing

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Role of Peptide Synthesis Based Drugs

Role of Peptide Synthesis Based Drugs

Amino acids, peptides and proteins play multiple roles in the normal functioning of the body.Group of amino acids between 2 to 50 are called peptides. They often act as hormones and play diverse roles in the normal biological processes in the human body such as metabolism, intercellular signaling and neurotransmission.Peptide synthesis based drug have a high pote...

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HPAPI Development at a Glance

The pharmaceutical industry's journey to improve patients' health has enhanced the number of more effective HPAPIs (High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) in development pipelines. Traditionally, HPAPIs were exclusively concomitant with oncology therapeutics. ...

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Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Services

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is a leading contract research, development and manufacturing organization which provides range of services to enable your IND/NDA filing ...

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Technology meets sustainability - How a complex API development process goes green

We are always looking for ways to enhance the sustainability of our products and services. Our team successfully developed a scalable manufacturing process for the API product of one of our Biotech clients using eco-friendly manufacturing technologies. Read the case study to learn more....

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Formal synthesis of Cladospolide C & epi-Cladospolide C using R- (þ)-g-valerolactone as a chiral synthon


The formal synthesis of Cladospolide-C and its analog is achieved by using enantiopure (R)-g evalerolactone 10. The significant points of this synthesis are the stereoselective dihydroxylation of a, bunsaturated ester 16 using Sharpless protocol, Wittig olefination of g evalerolactol 6 with triphenylphosphonium iodide salt 7, one pot selective oxidation ...

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