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Drug Product Formulation Development Services Drug Product Formulation Development Services

Drug Product Formulation Development Services

We offer one stop solution for drug product development of oral, parenteral and topical dosage forms.

We offer drug product development through a highly skilled scientific team with expertise in variety of dosage forms like oral, parenteral and topical. We specialize in pediatric dosage forms, fixed dose combinations and modified-release dosage forms. We also support for development of customized formulations for animals. Our team has extensive experience in developing complex formulations and provide tailored solutions to optimize the development time and costs. 

Our team is committed to delivering quality results in a time-bound and cost-effective manner at each stage of the development process. Customers also select us, to evaluate container closure systems, storage, and transportation conditions. 

ICH-compliant stability studies along with a range of conditions to cover various climatic zones across the globe, help in making decisions early in the drug development cycle. 

With decades of experience in formulation development, our scientists look forward to accelerating the time to market of your molecule.

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Solid Orals

  • Immediate-release tablets (chewable tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, sublingual tablets and bi-layer tablets)
  • Modified release tablets (Monolayer, bilayer and mini tablets)
  • Fixed dose combinations (Monolayer, Bilayer and Multi particulate systems (Granules, pellets or mini-tablets and combinations thereof)
  • Hard Capsules (Hard gelatin or Cellulose capsules with powder in capsule, pellets in capsules) and soft gelatin capsules
  • Multi-particulate systems (Pellets and mini tablets)
  • Powder in sachet for solution/suspension

Oral Liquids

  • Oral solutions with dosing cup
  • Oral drops with dosing device
  • Oral suspension
  • Oral emulsions


  • Liquid injectables
  • Lyophilized injectables
  • Complex injectables
  • Ophthalmic and otic solutions
  • Nasal solutions ( Sprays and Blow-Fill-Seal)


  • Ointment
  • Cream
  • Gel

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Services across the product lifecycle

USFDA inspected lab and manufacturing facilities

Experience with advanced formulation technologies

20+ years of experience in formulation

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“Bathtub Chemistry” - Necessity and Aspects of Process Research

MAY 19, 2023

“Bathtub Chemistry” - Necessity and Aspects of Process Research

Medicine is an essential part of our life. Since ancient time human civilization has been tirelessly engaged to understand the cause and effect of a disease. Sometimes they win and many times they loss. But the story of their curiosity and enthusiasm is a never damping process. On the contrary it increases day by day, year after year.    &nbsp...

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Building successful long-term partnerships with CDMOs from early drug discovery through commercialization

 Maximizing efficiency in drug research, development, and manufacturing is crucial for turning new innovations into therapeutic and financial benefits. Over the past couple of decades, pharmaceutical companies have increasingly turned to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) for collaborations as they seek more adaptable capacity and c...

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How the re-designed synthesis of a complex carbohydrate can reduce cycle time

Project challenge: Complex carbohydrate chemistry involving a linear sequence of 10 chemical transformations, unstable intermediates and column chromatographic purications. Solution design: Process research and optimization was performed to develop a robust and scalable process which was implemented on commercial scale. Telescoping of reactions reduced the number...

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Alternate end-game strategies towards Nirmatrelvir synthesis: Defining a continuous flow process for the preparation of an anti-COVID drug


Scalable alternate end-game strategies for the synthesis of the anti-COVID drug molecule Nirmatrelvir (1,PF-07321332) have been described. The first involves a direct synthesis of 1 via amidation of the carboxylic acid 7 (suitably activated as a mixed anhydride with either pivaloyl chloride or T3P) with the ...

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