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In vitro Genotoxicity Testing Services In vitro Genotoxicity Testing Services

In vitro Genotoxicity Testing Services

Aurigene is committed to provide rapid and solution driven in vitro Genotoxicity testing services.

Genotoxicity is an adverse effect of a chemical on genetic material via variety of mechanisms, including mutation. In vitro Genotoxicity testing is very crucial to determine potential carcinogenic or mutagenic compounds that can cause genetic alterations in somatic or germ cells, and this information is used in regulatory decision-making. Mutagenicity (gene mutation and structural and numerical chromosomal alterations) is one of the six basic testing areas that have been adopted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 2011) as the minimum requirement to screen high-production volume chemicals for toxicity.

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Three Major Endpoints of Genetic Damage

  • Gene mutation (i.e. point mutations or deletions or insertions that affect single or blocks of genes)
  • Clastogenicity (i.e. structural chromosome changes)
  • Aneuploidy (i.e. the occurrence of one or more extra or missing chromosomes, leading to an unbalanced chromosome complement).

In vitro Genotoxicity Testing

  • Bacterial reverse mutation test (OECD 471)
  • In vitro chromosomal aberration test using human blood lymphocytes (OECD 473)
  • In vitro micronucleus test using human blood lymphocytes (OECD 487)
  • Mammalian cell gene mutation assay (OECD 490)

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Combination of tests to assess genetic damage

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