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Microbiology Testing Services Microbiology Testing Services

Microbiology Testing Services

We offer pharmaceutical microbiology testing services with a wide range of in vitro assays and infectious models that can be tailored as per customer requirements.

The pharmaceutical microbiology testing service at Aurigene is supported by BSL-2 compliant lab and a dedicated in vivo facility for bacterial and fungal infection murine disease models. Our team has collaborated on numerous anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent discovery projects with innovator pharma companies. We have a dedicated team of scientists and allied staff with vast experience in anti-infective drug discovery projects. We have established in vitro assays and in vivo murine efficacy models.       

We also support generic product filings through bioequivalance studies of in vitro time-kill kinetics against reference drug.

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In vitro Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing Services

  • Pharmacodynamic studies:   Drug-organism interaction
  • MIC and MBC:   Susceptibility indicators; major parameters used to quantify the activity of an antibacterial agent against the target pathogen
  • Time kill kinetics:   Information on the time course and rate of antimicrobial activity
  • PAE and PA-SME:   Information on persistent effects of antibacterial agents
  • Others:   Antimicrobial combination/effect of serum proteins on MIC/ biofilm studies

In vivo Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing Services

  • Systemic infection models:   Acute lethal model to generate POC and determine ED50 - primary screening
  • Respiratory tract infection models:   Test efficacy of NCEs in highly vascularized tissue like lungs
  • Thigh infection models:   Test efficacy of NCEs in poorly vascularized tissues like thighs
  • Urinary tract infection models:   Testability of NCEs to clear UTIs
  • Organ burden models:   Testability of NCEs to clear the disseminated infection

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Submissions to the US FDA

Highly qualified & experienced scientists

Audited by the US FDA with Zero 483 in 2019

BSL-2 compliant microbiology lab

Wide range of infectious models & microbiology assay capabilities

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