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Oral Solid Dosage Formulation Development Services Oral Solid Dosage Formulation Development Services

Oral Solid Dosage Formulation Development Services

One stop solution for formulation development and manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms.

We offer formulation development through a highly skilled scientific team with expertise in variety of dosage forms. At our state-of-the-art facilities, we handle simple and complex oral solid dosage forms which include tablets, capsules, powder for suspension and multi-particulate drug delivery systems customized for immediate release, modified release and targeted release.       

We provide ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ formulation development to support early phase/ ‘First-in-Human’ studies and also provide end-to-end services up to commercial manufacturing. We also support for development of customized formulations for veterinary use and nutraceutical applications.       

Our expert team is having experience in developing complex formulations and provide tailored solutions to your problems and help to optimize the development time and costs.

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Solid Oral Dosage Forms

We offer extensive end-to-end services of formulation development for a wide variety of oral dosage forms. Our team assists from Prototype formulation screening studies, Formulation/process optimization using QBD principles, ICH compliant Stability studies, Scale-up/technology transfer, formulation development to development of First-in-Human (FIH) formulations to enable clinical trial studies from phase I to phase III/ commercial manufacture. We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture 500 to 50,000 units at R&D and up to 7,500,000 units at commercial manufacturing sites and complete CMC support for regulatory submission.

Technologies Offered

  • Direct tablet compression
  • Fluid bed processing (granulation, drying, coating)
  • High-shear wet granulation and drying
  • Dry granulation (roller compaction, slugging)
  • Extrusion-Spheronization
  • High-speed automated tablet compression
  • Perforated pan tablet coating (mini tablets coating)
  • Automated capsule filling (powder, granules, pellets, mini tablets)
  • Low humidity/moisture requirements
  • Light-sensitive compound handling



Immediate Release, Delayed Release, Sustained Release, Oral Disintegrating, Film coated, Taste masking, Fixed Dose Combinations (FDC).

  • Single Layer Tablets   
    Depending on the mode of usage conventional uncoated or film coated immediate release tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, sublingual tablets, buccal tablets, taste masked tablets, effervescent tablets and chewable tablets can be developed
  • Delayed release/ modified release tablets    
    Proven expertise in formulation of acid labile drugs using delayed release technology and where necessary the drug release can be modulated or targeted to release at specific regions of the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Bilayer Tablets   
    A combination of immediate release (loading dose) and modified release portions of a single drug can be incorporated in a single dosage form. Also, a combination of two or more drugs which may be incompatible can be formulated based on the requirement
  • Mini Tablets   
    Fixed dose combination (FDC) or standalone drug molecules can be formulated as minitablets whi>ch offer the advantage of being multi-unit particulate systems

(MUPS) like avoiding dose dumping, tailored drug release profile, targeted to release at specific regions of the gastro-intestinal tract etc.


  • Hard Gelatin Capsules   
    Powders, pellets, mini tablets or their combination can be filled into hard gelatin capsules
  • bSoft Gelatin Capsules   
    Soft gelatin capsules can be developed for liquids or suspension filling for poorly soluble and thermolabile, photosensitive medicaments.

Powders for Suspension

We develop age appropriate, easily reconstitutable powders for oral suspensions which can be filled into sachets

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