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Integrated Drug Substance and Drug Product (DS-DP) Services Integrated Drug Substance and Drug Product (DS-DP) Services

Integrated Drug Substance and Drug Product (DS-DP) Services

Hassle-free one-stop shop for accelerating your drug discovery journey.

Experience and expertise are key to successful new drug development. There are various stages to a drug development program that need alignment of objectives and optimization of resource utilization. While the clinical success or failure of a drug is majorly influenced by its therapeutic potential, how systematically it is developed has an equal contribution to its success. 

By integrating the development and manufacturing of drug substance and formulations, we are uniquely positioned to offer a significant advantage to customers that leverage the technical integration of both teams. 

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The End-to-end Integration Benefits

  • Continuous feedback-loop for a better quality of development between API and formulation teams
  • Co-located teams share & leverage knowledge at each stage of product development and manufacturing
  • Cost of common procurement such as analytical columns as reagents, logistics, and repeat analysis are minimized
  • Parallel activities are better aligned benefiting project timelines
  • Benefits of uniform quality systems at R and D and manufacturing

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

20+ years legacy of providing integrated API and formulation services

Fit-for-purpose development strategy

Co-located cross-functional teams

Services across the product lifecycle

US FDA-inspected GMP facilities

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The importance of business continuity planning in CRDMO industry

The importance of business continuity planning in CRDMO industry

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Physiochemical Characterization Services

Backed by our strong chemistry, we enable “Finger-print” protein structure and functional characterization for proteins from naked proteins to hyperglycosylated or derivatized proteins. ...

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Designing a novel methodology for the development of a macrocyclic peptide molecule for both formulation development and pre-clinical studies

Background: An innovator company based in UK contacted us to support for the development of macro cyclic peptide molecule for pre-clinical studies. This peptide compound has been identified as potential candidate for the “Vaccination booster for elderly” under the therapeutic category of immunology. The synthesis of this compound posed many challenges such as...

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Cu-catalyzed coupling-cyclization in PEG 400 under ultrasound: a highly selective and greener approach towards isocoumarins


The combination of CuI–K2CO3-PEG 400 facilitated the couplingcyclization of o-iodobenzoic acid with terminal alkynes under ultrasound, affording a greener and practical approach towards 3-substituted isocoumarins with remarkable regioselectivity. This inexpensive and Pd and ligand free methodology gave rise to various isocoumarins of potential pharmacological i...

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