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mRNA Synthesis IVT (In vitro Transcription) mRNA Synthesis IVT (In vitro Transcription)

mRNA Synthesis IVT (In vitro Transcription)

We provide customized, high-quality and scalable mRNA production by in vitro transcription (IVT).

The services are integrated with high-quality plasmid production and discovery scale mRNA LNP formulation.

We offer a customized synthesis of mRNA for screening to preclinical studies. Our high-quality mRNA transcripts are ideal for functional studies, therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccine production. IVT is the method of choice to produce long and stable RNA molecules such as mRNA, guide RNA, SaRNA or long RNA when chemical synthesis is not possible.    

Irrespective of scale, mRNA molecules go through rigorous in-process and final quality checks through a set of standard and customized analytical methods. Our mRNA processes are flexible and can be customized as per client needs.    

Our mRNA services are integrated to high-quality plasmid DNA production, processing enzymes and other reagent generations. We provide high-throughput codon-optimized gene synthesis and cloning. We perform E. coli clone development, cell banking, E. coli fermentation and plasmid purification.   

mRNA formulation: We support small scale mRNA formulation development and characterization.

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In vitro transcription

  • Sequence design, gene synthesis and cloning
  • RNA transcripts from plasmids, PCR products and cDNA
  • Conventional and Self-amplifying RNA (SaRNA)
  • Flexibility to choose transcriptional promoter (T7 or SP6)
  • Normal unmodified mRNA synthesis
  • Use of modified bases in mRNA transcripts (Pseudo UTP etc.)
  • Several strategies for 5’ capping such as co-translational capping with Anti Reverse Cap Analog (ARCA)
  • Post-translational vaccinia capping
  • Options to choose from Cap0 and Cap1
  • Template-derived poly A tail or enzymatic incorporation in the IVT mRNA template
  • Optimization of mRNA translation and stability


  • Well-characterized in RNAse free environment
  • High-quality plasmid purification, characterization, and IVT template preparation
  • Method optimization for gram quantity
  • Plasmid DNA purification and characterization
  • Purification using lithium chloride precipitation and chromatography

Analytical control

  • Batch-to-batch consistency of the IVT mRNA
  • Bioanalyzer
  • Purity (tape station)
  • Length confirmation
  • Sequence confirmation by cDNA
  • Capping efficiency by mass-spec
  • Endotoxin measurement
  • Immunogenicity testing for vaccine candidates

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

Customized screening and scaling up strategies

In vitro transcription, purification and quality control

Customized formulation

Modernized state-of-the-art facility

Adaptable, scalable and high-quality

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