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Plasmid Development and Manufacturing Services Plasmid Development and Manufacturing Services

Plasmid Development and Manufacturing Services

We offer high-quality research-grade and GMP-ready plasmids.

We provide Plasmid DNA production service. We provide both research-grade and GMP-ready plasmids.     

Research-grade plasmids are used for in vitro applications in cloning, mutagenesis, microbial transformation, and protein production.     

GMP-ready plasmids are used in: IVT mRNA Protein and mAb production Stable cell line generation Bacmid generation Viral packaging Vaccine Gene therapy studies Animal immunization     

Production scale: Small-scale (0.1 to 1 mg) Medium-scale (up to 10 mg) Large-scale (100 mg to 1 g)

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Fermentation is done using E. coli. The cells are harvested via centrifugation etc.


For extraction, lysis is done in two ways: alkaline lysis or mechanical lysis. Plasmid DNA pre-purification is done using Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF).

Purification and Formulation

Purification is done using ion exchange/size exclusion chromatography & polishing. Further purification is done using TFF.

Plasmid scale-up

Small-scale and large-scale manufacturing

  • Typical yields: 2-5 mg/L (medium to high copy plasmids)
  • Scale: 10-20 L shake flask, 5-20 L fermentation
  • Typical timelines: 2-3 weeks for RG and 6-8 weeks for GLP ready

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

High quality (mg to g scale) production

Both research grade and GMP ready plasmid production

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