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Molecular Biology Services

Molecular Biology Services

From high-throughput gene cloning to high-quality plasmid manufacturing - diverse set of tools to accelerate discovery and development.


For most of the large molecules and bio reagent projects, molecular biology is the starting point which involves construct design, gene synthesis and cloning. In addition to standard molecular biology solutions, we provide specialized services to support target identification, antibody discovery, metabolic engineering and translational research.

Our service range includes:

Recombinant DNA technology Antibody gene sequencing (high-throughput) Mutagenesis Customized Library generation Plasmid DNA preparation & scale-up for CGT requirements Microbial genome engineering Gene expression analysis IVT mRNA synthesis

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Recombinant DNA Technology

Cloning and vector generation:

Gene cloning service at Aurigene supports customized generation of recombinant constructs by various methods for generation of antibodies, enzymes, and reagent proteins:

  • Ligation dependent and independent cloning
  • Recombination based high throughput cloning
  • De novo cloning (synthetic gene fragments, PCR, and cDNA based)
  • Customized vector construction based on client requirement

Plasmid DNA preparation:

Plasmid DNA purification service caters to both small research facilities as well as large-scale manufacturing for biotech and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Research grade plasmid at small scale suitable for cloning, mutagenesis, microbial transformation and protein production
  • High-quality industrial grade plasmid suitable for :
    • Protein
    • Antibody production
    • Stable cell line generation in mammalian cells
    • Bacmid generation for protein expression in insect cells
    • Viral packaging
    • In vitro mRNA synthesis
    • Vaccine
    • Gene therapy studies, and
    • Animal immunization
  • Process development for customized plasmid propagation and purification


Site-directed mutagenesis service enables life science researchers by creating specific DNA mutations for studying gene regulation, DNA-protein interactions, protein structure or function relationship, enzyme function and novel recombinant proteins:

  • Point mutation, insertion, deletion or gene fragment replacement
  • Customized mutagenesis requirements such as random and site-directed mutagenesis and mutant library generation
  • Gene shuffling, combinatorial mutagenesis, alanine scanning and site saturation mutagenesis


Antibody Gene Sequencing and Reformatting

Antibody sequence information from hybridoma is essential for protection, preservation and optimization of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Antibody gene sequencing and reformatting at Aurigene is a one-stop solution for recombinant expression and production of antibodies:

  • RACE (Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends) using template switching adapter ligation
  • Degenerate oligos
  • De novo antibody sequencing and analysis using LC-MS/MS
  • Reformatting antibody gene sequences into various other production formats like bispecifics, mAb, scFv, Fab, F (ab)'2, and VHH or nanobody
  • Antibody gene sequencing for mouse, rat, rabbit and other species.

Strain Engineering

Experience in genome scale modification of bacterial and yeast strains for production of recombinant proteins, platform chemicals and metabolic engineering:

  • BSL-1 and BSL-2 microbes
  • Gene knock out and knock-in using homologous recombination based methods
  • Characterization of engineered strains using microbiological methods, RT-PCR and advanced analytics
  • CRISPR-Cas9 based mutagenesis

Library Generation and Evaluation

Constructing cDNA libraries, phage libraries and yeast libraries along with provisions for high throughput screening and functional characterization.

Gene expression analysis

Regulation and expression of genes at the transcriptional and translational stages play a crucial role in determining gene function. Scientists at Aurigene carry out routine expression studies by several methods such as:

  • Quantitative real time PCR
  • ELISA in various formats
  • Flow cytometry
  • Western blotting
  • Mass spectrometry

Residual Protein, DNA and Mycoplasma Detection

Residual host-cell proteins (HCP) and host-cell DNA (HCD) are impurities that remain in recombinant bio therapeutics. We ensure that these impurities and contaminants are detected and reduced to levels below those guided by regulatory agencies:

  • Quantitative real-time PCR
  • SPR (BIAcore)
  • Mycoplasma test

Why Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services?

State-of-the-art facilities with high-end instrumentation

Wide range of tools under one umbrella

Customized generation of recombinant constructs

Fast and innovative solutions

One-stop solution for recombinant expression and production of antibodies

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