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Antibody, linker-payload, conjugation and analytics – we provide a one-stop solution for ADC discovery and development

We understand the dynamic nature of the current ADC technology landscape and the complexities associated with it. Our team is well versed with a wide range of ADC technologies and is capable of adopting new technologies to support our client needs. We also provide expertise to develop novel liker technologies and cytotoxic payload optimization.

Linker Technologies:

We offer ADC linkers based on their drug release mechanism

  • Cleavable and non-cleavable linkers
  • Self-immolative tracer free linkers
  • Peptide linkers

Conjugation technologies:

  • Amine (Lys) conjugation
  • Thiol (Cys) conjugation
  • Site specific conjugation
  • Enzymatic conjugation


  • Cytotoxic, non-cytotoxic and biologic payloads
  • Classes of cytotoxic payloads handled: Autistatins (MMAE & MMAF), Tubulysin, PBD dimer, Maytansin (DM1), Duocarmycin, SN38, etc.

ADC Discovery and Development:

Discovery programs are customized keeping the target biology and mechanism of action in mind. Specific screening strategies are designed and employed at a stage as early as antibody generation. Some of the early stage activities include screening and design of mAbs for internalization (or lack of it), effector function, off-site localization, half-life, etc. Rapid and comprehensive scouting of the linker-payload technology space can be plugged-in to identify the most desirable combinations of mAb, linker-payload and conjugation strategies. Stage appropriate in vitro screening and detailed evaluation of lead ADC molecules is carried out using customized assay platforms. We also provide in vivo therapeutic evaluation, PK and rodent toxicology assessment support for ADC candidates with appropriate bioanalytical methods customized for each program. Conjugation and purification process development takes into account each component of the ADC molecule. Quality, scalability, safety and cost-effectiveness concerns are addressed at each stage of process development.

ADC Analysis

A biomolecule is complex as an ADC and demands through analytical assessment to ensure safety and quality.

Routinely Determined Attributes are:

  • Aggregation
  • Fragmentation
  • Free-drug
  • DAR average
  • Conjugation site
  • Endotoxin
  • Antigen binding affinity
  • In vitro potency

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is

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