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Aurigene pharmaceutical services offers reverse passive cutaneous arthus reaction, a classical in vivo model for screening of test compounds having ability to module immune complex mediated inflammation. A day before the experiment the mice will be anaesthetized with Isoflurane and oxygen mixture and their skin was shaved dorsolaterally. On the day of experiment animals will be administered dosed with vehicle or the test formulation at designated timepoint and route depending upon the pharmacokinetics. After dosing the animals will be administered intravenously with the antigen Ovalbumin (OVA) in PBS containing Evans blue dye. The animals will be injected with rabbit anti-OVA IgG (50ug in 25µl/site) intradermally on the back at two top locations. Animals will also be injected PBS (25µl) intradermally on the back at two bottom and opposite locations to serve as control. The mice will be euthanized 4hrs after antigen (Ovalbumin) challenge and skin tissue will be assessed for edema by tracing the edema area on to a transparent plastic sheet and area derived by manual measurement of two diameters by scale. The extent of inflammation will be measured as dye extravasation into the surrounding tissue of the injection sites by extracting dye from the Punch biopsies (using 10 mm skin biopsy punches).

Reverse Passive Cutaneous Arthus Reaction


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