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We offer reproductive toxicity study services in rats and mice to ascertain the effects of new chemical entity on the male and/or female reproductive systems. These studies also asses the effects on embryo, fetus or on young ones (developmental stages) during lactation and after weaning.

The reproductive effects of chemicals are examined at different stages of development by

  1. 1. Fertility and Early Embryonic Development study (FEED - stages A and B)
  2. 2. Embryo-fetal Development studies in two species (EFD - stages C and D)
  3. 3. Pre- and Postnatal Development study (PPND – stages C through F).

Apart from the above we offer male fertility studies using customized study designs as per client requirement.

Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity (DART) studies are generally conducted according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) which is highly beneficial to understand the pharmacologic effects of a new chemical entity, which could be incompatible with fertility or reproductive functions of the test system.

Our studies have a validated testing protocols for conducting reproductive toxicity studies with well-known positive controls.

Our pathology technicians are highly experienced in handling special tissue processing and staining techniques as required by various study designs.

Reproductive toxicity studies are supported by our co-located DMPK studies team for determining the plasma exposure levels of test compounds and by the GLP analytical chemistry team for estimating the analytes in dose formulation samples and stability testing.

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