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Cardiac potassium channel, hERG, is responsible for a rapid delayed rectifier current (IKr), which is primarily responsible for cardiac action potential (AP) repolarization. Unique structural properties of hERG makes it vulnerable for interaction and inhibition by large number of compounds. Inhibition of IKr is the most common cause of cardiac AP prolongation by non-cardiac drugs. Prolonged AP causes prolongation of QT interval and has been associated with fatal ventricular arrhythmia, torsade de pointes, which has been the reason for number of drug withdrawals and failures.

hERG Assay Studies (Cardio Vascular System)

In vitro assessment of new chemical entities (NCEs) for the effects on hERG potassium channels is an early indicator of possible QT prolonging effect. Patch clamp-electrophysiology is the gold standard for such an assessment.

In addition to patch clamp assay, we also offer kit based hERG assay for preliminary screening of compounds.

hERG Assay

The hERG assays studies at Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services are performed by a team of scientists who have extensive experience in performing the assays in quick turnaround time.

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