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Ligands and Catalysts Manufacturing

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services has the capability to synthesize and manufacture DuPHOS and BPE family of asymmetric hydrogenation ligands.

Catalysts derived from the bidentate DuPHOS and BPE ligands exhibit particularly high efficiency and selectivity in a wide spectrum of asymmetric hydrogenation reactions. These modular phospholane ligands can be tuned to ideally accommodate the steric demands of a given substrate to optimize the catalyst efficacy and provide access to a variety of chiral compounds containing C-N, C-O and C-C stereogenic centers.

We have close to 25 years of experience in developing these ligands and catalysts.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ligands and Catalysts Manufacturing Advantage:

  • High activities at low catalyst loadings
  • Excellent chemoselectivities for specific reaction models
  • Asymmetric hydrogenations of various unsaturated substrates

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