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High Potent API | HPAPI | Development and Manufacturing

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is experienced in High Potent API (HPAPI) Development and Manufacturing (up to OEL 0.1µg/m³), for almost over two decades. With multiple projects being handled from early development to commercialization, our team of scientists, toxicologists, regulatory and analytical experts are ideally positioned to meet the requirements of our global clients.


How Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services can Support your High Potent API (HPAPI) Development and Manufacturing needs

  • Stringent safety practices and containment control philosophy
  • cGMP isolator systems (up to OEL 0.1µg/m³) for highly potent raw materials, intermediates and APIs including charging, filtration, drying, dispensing and packaging
  • Supply of complex substances from gram to multi-kilogram quantities
  • Isolator consisting of sampling, dispensing, reaction, isolation and drying process.
  • High containment closing tool kit
  • Negative pressure value inside the isolator
  • Highly skilled scientific team in both discovery, development and analytical research domains
HPAPI Services Video

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