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We conduct Functional Observational Battery (FOB) test for the assessment of neurobehavioral changes induced by the test compound. Typically, various graded concentrations of test article are formulated in suitable vehicle and administered to rats or mice. Studies are conducted as single exposure regimen or as part of a repeat dose toxicity studies. The pre and post dose FOB measurements on the same day are made to evaluate the intra and intergroup comparison of effects.

Our scientists having vast experience in handling various test modules. The studies are conducted in full GLP compliance and data are reviewed by Quality Assurance (QA) team. Study reports are delivered to the clients in quick turnaround time (~ less than a month).

Functional Observational Battery (FOB) study

Formulation analysis as a part of the GLP FOB study is also offered as per the client requirement.

The following parameters are evaluated

Home Cage Observations

  • Posture
  • Abnormal vocalization
  • Tremors
  • Convulsions

Handheld Observations

Touch escape Piloerection
Reactivity to handling Exophthalmos
Fur appearance Pupil size
Salivation Body/muscle tone


Observations in Standard Arena

Arousal Hypoactivity
Hyperactivity Grooming
Palpebral closure Tremors
Twitches Clonic convulsions
Tonic convulsions Ataxia
Hypotonia Gait
Posture Stereotypy
Abnormal behaviour Breathing
Defecation and Urination Rearing

Manipulative Tests

Somatosensory/ touch response Tail pinch response
Visual approach response Palpebral reflex
Pupillary light reflex Righting reflex
Auditory startle reflex --

Motor Activity

Motor activity is measured using an automated motor activity measuring system (OptoM3 activity meter with CI Multi device interface, Columbus Instruments, USA). Animal activity will be measured for a period of 30 minutes for each animal.

Grip Strength

The grip strength meter measures the maximal muscle strength of forelimb and hindlimb. For each animal, three readings will be recorded for forelimb and hindlimb using a Grip Strength Meter (Columbus Instruments, USA).

Landing Foot Splay

Body Temperature: Rectal temperature will be recorded at the end of FOB observations using a digital thermometer.

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