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At Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services, we offer solutions encompassing a diverse set of synthetic chemistry challenges, while being able to make a difference leveraging our medicinal chemistry services experience and diverse research background. Our scientists are able to tackle complex problems in all areas of drug discovery. In addition to this, our scientists are well-versed in all aspects of modern synthetic chemistry ranging from traditional heterocyclic chemistry, library synthesis, phosporamidite chemistry, photoredox reactions and more.

Our expertise in synthetic chemistry services includes:

  • Heterocyclic Chemistry: Synthesis of O, N, S and P heterocyclics and fused-ring analogues
  • Transition Metal-mediates Reactions: C-C, C-N, C-O, C-P, C-S, C-B, C-Sn and C-Si bond forming reactions, C-H activations etc
  • Difficult-to-handle and Sensitive Reagents: Including all kinds of metal-based pyrophoric reagents like lithiums, magnesiums and zincs, toxic reagents like metallic cyanides and metal carbonyls etc
  • Handling of Gaseous Reagents: Experienced in reactions involving gases like H2 , Cl2 , O2 , CO, CO2, SO3 etc. – in addition to rarer reactions like ozonolysis – even at larger scales
  • Cryogenic Reactions - Use of pyrophoric reagents, labeling and isotope synthesis and much more
  • Specialized Synthetic Needs – Including fluorinations, synthesis of fluoroalkyl and fluoroalkoxy targets, cyclopropanations, dueterations, labeling and tagging of biologically active compounds etc
  • Scales ranging from milligram to kilogram, through a very flexible array of business models including FTE, FFS or Hybrid models
  • Niche fields of interest – Photoredox reaction, Ddecarboxylative C-C bond-forming reactions and Cu-mediates C-H activation/amination of carbonyl compounds
  • Protein degraders: Chemistry of PROTACs and partial PROTACs, including the synthetic of various non-traditional CRBN, VHL, MDM2 and cIAP1 based E3-Ligase ligands. Ligation strategies involving C-C, C-O and C-N spacers ranging from a chain length of two to twenty. We have a proven track record of generating small libraries of partial PROTACs and a readily available stock of linkers

We are experienced in the synthesis of NCEs at all scales, ranging from milligram for a simple primary screening for biochemical, cellular and ADME assays followed by gram scale for efficacy and toxicology studies. We also offer supplies of multi-gram quantity of high purity compounds to support your research needs across the discovery cycle.

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is

a leading CDMO/CRO

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