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Protein crystallography services provide a one-stop solution for determining 3D structure of proteins, protein-protein complexes, protein-small molecule complexes, antibody-antigen complexes at high resolution. Protein crystallography projects typically carried out in gene-to-structure format encompassing gene cloning, protein expression, purification, crystallization, screening, synchrotron x-ray diffraction, structure solution and refinement.

Our structural biology expertise also includes protein engineering to enhance crystallizable of difficult proteins.

We seamlessly integrate structural biology with drug discovery programs for end-to-end SBDD and FBDD offerings

Crystallization Screening

  • Multi-dimensional optimization of crystallization conditions using high throughput methods with commercial and customized screens for a target protein or complex
    • Sitting drop, hanging drop, micro-batch (under oil) and seeding

Crystal Hit Identification

  • Microscopic examination of drops, staining and mass spectroscopy of harvested crystals (MALDI)
  • Electrophoresis and preliminary X-ray diffraction

Protein-protein and Protein-drug Complexes

  • Crystallization of protein-inhibitor/ligand complexes (co-crystallization)
  • Soaking of crystals in inhibitor/ligand solution

Data Collection and Refinement

  • Cryoprotectant screening
  • Complete X-ray data collection using rotating anode source
  • Synchrotron data collection at Australian synchrotron
  • Molecular replacement and structure refinement
  • Structure analysis and data presentation

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