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Route Scouting and Development

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers route scouting solutions to identify and develop the most optimal process for your compounds including New Chemical Entity (NCE), advanced intermediates and Key Starting Materials (KSM). The selection of a sustainable synthetic route is generally based on Safety, Environment, Legal, Economics, and Control and Throughput (SELECT) principles.

Our interdisciplinary team designs and demonstrates our capabilities in finding sustainable synthetic routes by considering the following concepts:

  • Reduced number of processing steps
  • Reduced timeline for the scale-up
  • Decreased cost by choosing the most efficient route.
  • Reduced chemical or reagent usage and waste production.
  • Improved quality and safety profiles.

Our route scouting services include:


Route scouting is the part of process research where the most optimized route or synthetic scheme is designed to synthesize chemicals based on safety, environment, legal, economics, and control and throughput (SELECT) principles.

The method developed during the route scouting process is designed to avoid problems during scale-up such as ease in technology transfer, efficiency, availability of raw materials, stability, purity, IP, reduced wastage, or environment-friendliness.

The advantages are reduced process time by minimizing the number of steps, ease of scale-up, and sustained quality, reducing the requirement of raw material, low wastage, mitigating operational and environmental hazard, and ultimately reducing cost.

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