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PUBLISHED ON: January 4, 2021CATEGORY: Development and Manufacturing Development and Manufacturing
Application of mPEGs in Drug Discovery and Development

Methoxy Polyethylene Glycols (mPEGs) are increasingly being applied in drug discovery and drug development to enhance the deliverability and bioavailability of the drug, and to increase the serum half-life. Today, due to advancements in chemical processes and purification techniques it is possible to produce high-quality mPEGs.

mPEGs in combination with a small molecule drug can negate the disadvantages of poor solubility, inefficient action on the target site, low presence in the bloodstream, and toxicity. When combined with a large molecule, they help increase the half-life, resident time in the blood and help prevent the immune system responses of the body from detecting the drug as an antibody.

Methoxypolyethylene Glycols (mPEGs) have a range of applications in drug discovery and development

  • Dermatology Drugs – m-PEGs being hydrophobic easily penetrate the skin on application, especially in the form of a topical formulation. Their low toxicity also makes them suitable for dermatological applications.
  • Highly Potent Oncology Drugs – Methoxy PEGs are used to deliver drugs in chemotherapy to increase their effectiveness. Methoxy Polyethylene nanoparticles can be loaded with the required drug to increase its stability in the body and reduce overall toxicity.
  • Polypeptide Drugs – As polypeptide drugs are unstable and degrade quickly thus reducing the half-life and amount of exposure in the bloodstream. When a polypeptide drug is combined with an m-PEG, both half-life and stability increase.
  • Large Molecule Drugs – Large molecule drugs degrade quickly and get cleared from the bloodstream in a short period of time. If they are bound with mPEGs they maintain their desired form, have a greater half-life, and are not recognized as anti-bodies by the immune system.
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