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Sustainable business is at the core of Aurigene Pharmaceutical services and hence sustainability is our top priority. The health and safety of our employees, community and the working environment are of paramount for us. At Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services we constantly strive to build sustainable operations by avoiding accidents through safety compliance, minimize environmental impact through stringent standards and enhance health of employees through sustainable operating philosophy.


We achieve this through:

  • High quality training on safety for our employees
  • Comprehensive workplace assessment with emergency planning and response
  • Risk management
  • Hazardous material management from storage, handling and disposal.
  • High environmental standards

To enhance safety at workplace, we have introduced My Safety Index (MSI), a 10-point KPI based safety enhancement approach. MSI consist of 10 elements with a maximum score of 100, where the elements are designed to measure improvement in safety culture and implementation of safety management across all sites.


The 10 Elements of MSI are

  • Top and frontline management – Felt leadership
  • Consequence management and safety training
  • Contract safety management and work permit system
  • Legal compliance and monthly safety campaigns
  • Laboratory Safety Management – Glassware
  • Laboratory Safety Management – Containment and spill
  • Storage and handling of flammable chemicals and gas cylinder
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety, OD and Incident Investigation
  • EHS review and process safety, OHM and general safety


We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to all our employees:

  • We conduct periodic annual health checkup of all employees
  • We conduct occupational hazard (OH) assessments at our workplace to mitigate risks
  • Sessions on yoga, ergonomics and stress management are available to support the wellbeing of our employees


Environmental management is a key aspect of our business sustainability and we strive for continuous improvement and ambitious targets.

  • We meet and exceed legal and statutory requirements
  • We systematically monitor emissions, effluent release, energy management and water conservation
  • We use alternative (green) energy resources