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Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers a wide range of discovery chemistry services solutions to biotech, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical companies. This includes synthesis of a library of compounds from a few milligrams to multi-hundred gram scale or differentiated solutions for your drug discovery program. We bring a track record of proven delivery in solving challenging chemistry related problems along with focused library search to fast track discovery programs.


Our discovery chemistry teams are here to support you in the following areas:


We have expertise in handling different chemistry:

  • Sensitive reactions ranging from milligrams to grams to kilogram scale
  • Reaction temperatures from -78°C to 250°C
  • Chiral chemistry ranging from chiral resolution and asymmetric synthesis
  • Halogenation, nitration, sulfonation and cyanation
  • Organometallic chemistry expertise with LDA, n-BuLi, NaH and NaNH2 reactions
  • Reductions using borane, DIBAL, LiAlH4, NaBH4, Pd/C, and Pt2O reactions
  • Suzuki, Buchwald, Mitsunobu, Friedel-Crafts, Wittig, Grignard reaction, etc.
  • Photoredox Chemistry

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is

one of the leading contract research organization (CRO)

provides the best contract research manufacturing

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