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Cell engineering services at Aurigene cater to both tool/reagent and biological product development requirements. We have strong expertise to generate recombinant/stable cell lines for complex and wide protein class targets like RTKs, GPCRs, ion channels, immune modulation ligands/receptors, Fc-gamma receptors, GPI-anchored, TNF-receptor superfamily, cell adhesion molecules, transporters, co-receptors, and reporter genes. We are well versed in working with different cellular backgrounds such as established cancer cell lines, primary cells, etc. Hard-to-transfect cell lines required for binding studies, functional assays, immunization in vitro/in vivo screening and efficacy evaluation applications are successfully engineered to achieve the desired attributes.

For biologic programs, we have experience of product development for mAbs, immune-fusion molecules, cytokines, etc. The typical activities include transfection, selection, limiting dilution, media/feed screening, cell line characterization, research cell banking and protein production. We have the experience of multiple production platforms.

The key cell engineering service offerings are listed below:

  • Membrane-bound receptor cell lines with expression calibrated clones (low, medium, and high)
  • Receptor density measured and clones selected as per end-use requirement
  • Knock-In (KI), Knock-Down (KD) and Knock-Out (KO) cell lines using siRNA / shRNA & CRISPR/Cas9 or TALEN technologies
  • Single, double, or multiple gene KO / KD in primary and established cell lines
  • Inducible cell line using Tet / Cumate inducible system
  • Reporter cell lines (Fluorescent protein / Luciferase)
  • Orthotopic cell line for in vivo xenograft and imaging applications
  • Production cell lines using commercially available systems like Freedom CHO-S/CHO DG44/CHOZN & in-house developed lentiviral system
  • SARS-CoV-2 Pseudovirus generation and neutralization assay
  • Vector systems: pcDNA series, pLVX and pGIPZ / pTRIPZ lentiviral vector series, pCHO1.0, pOptivec, pGL and in-house modified vector systems
  • Transfection methods: Standard (Lipid/nanoparticle), Electroporation, Transposon and Lentiviral transduction
  • Screening methods: Flow cytometry, Western blot, PA-HPLC, ELISA, Octet and ClonePix
  • Quality Check: Thaw test, Mycoplasma, Clonal stability, Receptor density estimation, SE-HPLC and LC-MS analysis

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