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CACO-2 permeability assay help determine the absorption rate, which is the compound's bioavailability, and helps predict the absorption during in vivo studies. Our ADME services team determines the absorption of the New Chemical Entity (NCE) by dosing it on Colon Carcinoma Cells (CACO-2).

Our CACO-2 assay is a monolayer membrane that can be tailored to your requirements and meet regulatory requirements. We can also help our clients understand unidirectional and bi-direction permeability.

Assay Analysis Data turn around time
Caco-2 permeability LC-MS/MS 5 days*

*21 days are required for Caco-2 cell cultures

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Our CACO-2 Transwell Protocol and Capabilities Include:

  • Permeability assessment: apical to basolateral transport
  • Assess if the test compound is a substrate or inhibitor of efflux transporters
  • Monitored transporters: P-gp and BCRP
  • Deliverables: Papp, efflux ratio, percentage inhibition of transporters by the test compound
  • Capacity: Permeability assessment: 200 compounds per month. Transporter assessment: 50 compounds per month

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