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Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers systemic LPS challenge induced cytokine release model. The endotoxin LPS (Lipopolysaccharides) constituents of cell wall of gram-negative bacteria when injected into mice/rat will release of various cytokines. We follow this mechanism of action to screen compounds that can modulate any of the various path ways involved in activation of TLR path way to cytokine release (kinase inhibitors, transcription factor inhibitors etc). Depending upon the cytokine of interest ( TNF, IL-1, IL-6 , IL-17 etc ) LPS dose and time point for blood sample collection will be varied. Animals will be grouped based on body weight and test compounds will be administered prior to LPS challenge at a designated time depending upon the pharmacokinetics. Serum /plasma cytokines will be evaluated using ELISA kits and optionally test compounds levels will be determined for PK/PD studies.

Systemic LPS Challenge Induced Cytokine Release Model

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