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Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is a leader in the synthesis of Activated Methoxypolyethylene glycol (mPEG). With a comprehensive product range and customized services, we are the ideal partner for the development, scale-up and commercial manufacturing of mPEGs. The backward integration of raw materials (mPEG alcohol) ensures that we are able to control the quality of the final activated mPEG, throughout the manufacturing process.

Customised mPEG Product Range:

  • Propionaldehyde
  • pNP-Carbonates
  • Maleimides
  • Amine and NHS ester
  • Iodoacetamides
  • Thiols
  • mPEG Custom Synthesis

Development and Manufacturing Capabilities:

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services' center of excellence (CoE) for the development and manufacturing of mPEG in India is complemented by a dedicated analytical lab with detection technologies such as Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) for high molecular weight determination. Our batch size for all mPEGs range from few grams to multi kilos and are manufactured at our cGMP facility located in India and UK.

Customised mPEG Product Range:

  • Full range of molecular weights from 2kDa, 5kDa, 10kDa, 12kDa, 20kDa, 30kDa, 40kDa and 50kDa
  • Achieved narrow polydispersity not more than 1%
  • mPEG alcohol with high purity and low diol content
  • Non-GMP and GMP manufacturing from lab to commercial scale with excellent levels of activation
  • US FDA DMF filed for 20KDa mPEG Propionaldehyde and 20KDa mPEG-pNP carbonate

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